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Calyx Flex AFO


Our flex brace, with patent pending elements is for a mild dropfoot and for better balance.  The plastic trimlines are posterior to the malleoli (similar to a spring-leaf design).


In order to achieve greater stability the foot plate is posted and constructed as a functional foot orthosis.


The upper includes a custom made anterior shell. This gives proximal cylindrical support.


The crossing straps give frontal plane control.


The straps are intended to be placed over the dorsum of the tongue of the shoe (which serves as a soft interface).





- Balance/stability – to prevent falls


- Mild dropfoot


- When comfort (and avoiding malleolar irritation is required). For more severe problems our solid brace is recommended.


Suggested L-Codes*:





Flex AFO Order Form
Adobe Acrobat document [177.3 KB]

* Please note that coding is the responsibilty of the medical professional.

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